3 days


price 180€


Would you like to get some rest, restore a self-talk with yourself and with what is all around you?

Just to take a breather and relax in a magical place, in the peace of nature and through perfumes, sounds and meditation: come with us within  the woods and brooks of Biellese  pre-Alps. We will give you our experience and competence to let you live  a peaceful, harmonious and ‘green‘ situation.

3 days – THE WORLD OF PERFUMES– price 180€

Distillation, cosmetics and natural perfumery

Distillation practice

let’s produce essential oils

Natural cosmetics lab

how to produce creams, unguents, deodorants and many more with natural substances

Natural perfumery course

realisation of a ‘group perfume’ and ‘the one of your own’


Day 1

h. 9.30/9.45
Arrival in Arborino, welcome

h. 10,15 -12,00
Visit to the aromatic herbs fields and to the laboratory, still loading and starting of distillation

h. 12,15 – 14,00

h. 14,15
Distillation check and theoric lesson about aromatherapy (how to use them and the properties of the most common essential oils and aromatic waters)

h. 17,45 – 18,00
Closure and departure

Day 2

h. 9.30/9.45
Arrival in Arborino, welcome

h. 10,15 -12,00
Theoric lesson to make creams and unguents ‘essential oils- or aromatic waters- based’ (which materials to use, which basic products to choose, the reason of preparing homemade cosmetics)

h. 12,15 – 14,00

h. 14,15
Activity:  realisation of a deodorant, a face cream, a body cream using natural substances (participants can keep preparations)

h. 17,45 – 18,00
Closure and departure

Day 3

h. 9.30/9.45
Arrival in Arborino, welcome

h. 10,15 -12,00
Theory to meet the world of perfumes and essences, their influence on emotional system, olfactory pyramid

h. 12,15 – 14,00

h. 14,15
Activity: creation of a group perfume and of a personal one using essential oils with alcoholic and oily basis (participants can keep preparations)

h. 17,45 – 18,00
Closure and departure


It is possible to bring with you a packed lunch or to book a vegetarian lunch (price € 12)
The prices don’t include overnight nor transfers

Accomodation facilities in the neighborhood

La coccinella” B&B Casale Gripagli 17 – Graglia (BI) tel. 015.63236 – 333.6477016 www.cucinanatura.it
(it is a biological and ecological B & B) 8 minutes
La Ca Fiorìa” B&B Via Serafino Pivano 13/A – Pollone (BI) tel. 015.61348 – 333.2238946 www.lacafioria.com
(it is a welcoming and familiar B & B in a mountain chalet) 20 minutes
La Bossola” Albergo, Ristorante, Centro relax e benessere – Regione Bossola, 13 – Netro (BI) tel.015.442291 www.labossola.com
(eat typical and fantastic Spa) 20 minutes
Cascina Foresto” Agriturismo e Azienda Agricola – Strada Vicinale Foresta – Cossato ( BI) tel. 347.824070 www.cascinaforesto.com
(they are our dear friends and from them you will receive a 10% discount for the overnight stay) 40 minutes

Possibility of free camping with own tent

Many opportunities in Airbnb

Activities will occur even if the weather is bad


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The balance will be paid on the day of your arrival.



Accepted payment methods: bank transfer / Paypal

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If you cancel your booking within 30 days before the beginning of your stay, you will be refounded of the deposit

If you cancel your booking within less then 30 days, the deposit won’t be refounded but it should be transferred to someone else or earmarked for a different future period.

We are open from May 15 to September 15


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